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About Steve

Steve trained as an actor and Dancer at various schools in the Uk and abroad before becoming a Dancer and working with various Choreographers and The Dutch National Opera. After his career as a Dancer Steve studied Pranayama in Bangalore, India which led to further training as a Yoga teacher in India and later internationally.
Steve has taught throughout Europe and to all age groups and abilities including children on the Autistic Spectrum. His style is informed by Sivananda, Scaravelli, Ashtanga, Shadow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Qi Gung. Steve’s passions include nutrition as another facet for self healing.
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He was a vegetarian for 35 years which included 10 years as a ‘Raw Food Vegan’ during which time he helped prepare the food for conferences held by that movements pioneers such as David Wolfe, Dr Gabriel Cousens and Dr Brian Clement. Steve’s approach is now more holistic and his current interests are Chinese, Indian and Western Tonic Herbalism and wild foods.

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