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“Nothing in the realm of thoughts and ideologies is absolute. Lean on one too long and it collapses.”
Lao Tzu

As a culture we appear to be in a collective ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

Wiki describes Stockholm Syndrome as having ‘positive feelings towards our captors to the point of defending and identifying with our captors…..this traumatic bonding does not require a hostage scenario, strong emotional ties develop…. where one intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses and intimidates the other’.

Our goal is to set ourselves free from our captors!

Our present stage of ‘development’ as a species has seen us stray from the path. Our social media has in fact isolated us even more from the tribe as we once knew it.
Most of us have a deep yearning to something! Yoga with its ancient traditions is serving that role well. There is always the danger with tradition though that we need it to be fixed, it is part of the human psyche to feel threatened by and resist change. Water becomes stagnant when it stops flowing.

Our aim with our retreats is to create discourse and an educative platform so that we can continually evolve, healing our bodies and psyche.

Through our Website, Workshops and Retreats we will offer simple strategies, drawing from ancient wisdom and new cutting edge ideas relevant to the 21st Century that can be easily incorporated into our lives.

Along with the Asanas we shall incorporate the oft missed fundamentals of Yoga using the 4 elements, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, as our guide (please read blog entry ‘4 elements’ for more information)

The Yogis of old also described our minds as a ‘Chattering Monkey’…difficult to tame and a constant source of distraction during meditation. This idea runs through all of the Eastern Healing arts including Daoism and Buddhism. The random, uncontrollable movements of the monkey symbolises the restlessness of the human mind which can only be tamed with discipline.

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We know everything, we only have to be reminded !